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How to Prepare Your Lips for LimeLife Lip Colors

A little lip color goes a long way in boosting your confidence. Our busy lifestyles don’t always allow extra time to re-apply products, so these professional tips on how to prepare your lips for color by exfoliating and hydrating will save you time and heartache. Some of these tips to prepare your lips for LimeLife lip colors I learned over…
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What is LimeLife’s LimeLifer Customer Appreciation Program?

it’s Thanks for supporting limelife by alcone for sharing the brand and our mission In this article, I’ll go over how it works and how YOU can use your LimeLife referral link and get free LimeLife makeup and LimeLife discounts from it! You don’t need to host a party to get LimeLife Rewards, because this is LimeLife’s Hostess Rewards in…
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LimeLife by Alcone Subscription- AmazeBox

Published on June 6, 2019 // Modified May 9, 2021 The Amazebox is HERE! click to “Sign In” for a NEW Customer account now, because you don’t want to miss out on the treasures!       What is the amazebox? Amazebox is LimeLife’s NEW subscription box! This fabulous box of treasures costs $42USD/$60CAD, ships for FREE, and can be…
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LimeLife by Alcone Holiday Gifts 2020

LimeLife by Alcone Holiday 2020 Gifts Are here! LimeLife’s Holiday Gifts 2020 have launched! These fabulous gifts are going to go fast. There are gifts for everyone in the family. What’s great is that the skincare is non-toxic and all-natural with organic ingredients. Cosmetics are professional-grade! The packaging is superb! I don’t know about you, but Christmas is my favorite…
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Know When to Replace Makeup Brushes (5 Signs)

How do you know when to replace makeup brushes? Makeup brushes are wonderful tools that help us create art. Unfortunately, they don’t last FOREVER and need replacement. If they’re made of inexpensive materials, that’ll be sooner, rather than late. Here are 5 tell-tale signs that you need new ones! Here are 5 signs: The brush hairs are shedding. You need…
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NEW LimeLife Skin Polish Exfoliator Review

LimeLife’s Skin Polish is one of those gentle, yet effective products that you’ll want to use every week. It helps to balance, smooth, hydrate, and reduce inflammation of the skin resulting in a natural glow.

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